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In Espiritismo, Saint Martha is often used in work to dominate another - be it a judge, miserable boss or wandering lover. In any circumstance where you need to exert your will or influence over another, you can set this lamp for Saint Martha. In this manifestation, she becomes Martha Dominadora.
You will need:

1 Red Onion, Sliced
Five Senses Oil
Saint Martha Perfume
Red Palm Oil
5 Bay Leaves
Brown Sugar
Red Clover Herb
Commanding Powder
Red Ribbon
Wicking Material
Vegetable Oil
Saint Martha Amulet
Dragon's Blood Ink
Brown Paper
Personal items of Target - hair, signature, photo, footprint dirt, etc.(if available)
Medium Size Glass Bowl

Write the full name of your target nine times on brown paper in dragon's blood ink. Cover the name with a command written nine times. Roll up the name paper and tie it with red ribbon. Moving back and forth from left to right, make 4 more knots in the ribbon - there should be five knots total - including the one holding the rolled name paper.

Put the following lamp ingredients in the glass container, on top of the name paper roll and personal items if available.

* 1 sliced red onion
* 5 drops of St Martha Perfume
* 5 drops 5 senses Oil
* 3 teaspoons Red Palm Oil
* Saint Martha Amulet
* 1 teaspoon brown sugar
* 5 Bay Leaves
* Pinch of Red Clover Herb
* Commanding Powder

Prepare your wick and fill with Vegetable Oil. Light the lamp on a Tuesday in front of the image of Saint Martha (there is one on the package the amulet arrives in).

Say this prayer to Saint Martha five times for nine nights:

Holy Virgin Saint Martha,
Who entered the mountain and tied
Up the beast with your ribbons,
I beg you to tie up and dominate [insert name of target].

Saint Martha,
Let him/her not sit in a chair,
Nor lie in a bed until he/she is at my feet.
Holy Martha, hear me,
Help Me for the love of God.

Holy Virgin Martha,
For the oil which you will consume today,
For the oil which nourishes this lamp,
For the wick which burns away all impurities,
I dedicate this Lamp to you,
So that you may relieve me
Of all my Miseries
And Help Me to Overcome all Difficulties.
As You dominated the beast at your feet,
Give me Health and Work
So that I may provide for my needs.

My Mother,
Grant me that [insert target's name]
May not live in Peace,
Until he/she comes to stand at my feet.
In this way my Mother,
For the Love of God
Grant my Petition and Eliminate My Misery.

Tend to the lamp by adding more base Oil and Red Palm Oil daily as it burns. Add more perfume as needed to scent the lamp. After nine nights, remove the wick and add it to a Commanding Bath. Extract the Saint Martha Amulet and wear it around your waist tie on a red ribbon. Dispose of the rest of the lamp at the crossroads of a Catholic Church.

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